Setup DNS-over-HTTPS Server + DNSCrypt + Nginx

The following post will quickly guide you to setup your own DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) server along with DNSCrypt. Adguard DNS will be used to block ads and malwares. I’ll be using a KVM-based instance that runs an up-to-date Debian Bullseye (11) installation. Thanks Web Horizon for providing reliable VPS instances, get yours here. Step 1: Installing […]

Guides NAT VPS

V2Ray IPv6 output Proxy Server on Ubuntu 20.04

The following post will quickly explain how to create your own V2Ray IPv6 proxy server under Ubuntu 20.04 and use it on any Android device as global proxy. Works with both IPv4 & IPv6 connections. I’ll be using a NAT server located in Japan but it will also work on VPS instances based on KVM. […]